Ochre Matt ¦ Infinity Collection

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Minimum order 1m²

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An extremely versatile collection of geometric patterned decorative tiles. Available in different sizes and in any colour from our colour palette. Decorative tiles are a great way of injecting character into your home. The Infinite collection can be mixed and matched with an endless combination of patterns limited only by your imagination. Create your own tile design is possible at Tile Desire, get in touch to make your customised tiles. 

Minimum order 1m²

5x5cm (400 Tiles)

7x7cm (204 Tiles)

10x10cm (100 Tiles)

15x15cm (45 Tiles)

20x20cm (25 Tiles)


• Suitable for indoor walls.

• Suitable for light duty flooring applications, only with matt finishes.

• Suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and showers. We always encourage a professional to perform your installation and recommended to use waterproof membrane. Crackle finish should be sealed.

• Outdoor use subject to climate and method of installation.

• Not recommended where tiles are exposed to open flame and direct heat such as inside a fire box or wood burning oven as this may tarnish the glaze. A backsplash behind a standard kitchen cook top is acceptable.


• Install per industry standards for ceramic tile.

• Meticulously plan your layout. The time you take for preparation and placement will greatly impact the finished result.

• Clean with mild cleanser and damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing bleach, ammonia or paint thinner.


*Please note: variations in colour, surface texture, edges, thickness and size are natural characteristics of all our products and should be expected. Images shown are representative, but may not indicate all variations in these characteristics.

Thickness :1.5 cm aprox.
Material :Glazed Terracotta
Available to order for delivery in :6-8 weeks