TILE DESIRE is the result of the perfect combination between the antique ceramics tradition and contemporary design. Everything started from the desire to revive the artisan methods of craft ceramics in Andalusia, Spain, and promote it as part of the Mediterranean cultural identity.

Since 1992, TILE DESIRE have manufactured manual bricks, terracotta floors, handmade ceramic tiles and hand painted murals. We have been collaborating with homeowners, architects, and designers to bring their visions to life.

Our many years of unique experience has lead to many collaborations, including the restoration of various monuments of the Andalusia heritage such as the ALHAMBRA PALACE in Granada.

The Alhambra is an icon that showcases the best of Moorish designs and delightfully explores the depths of geometry, colour and symmetric patterns which have become the inspiring seed of our designs.

TILE DESIRE has an environmental awareness and we are pleased to reactivate high-quality tiles using natural materials and traditional techniques that have remained unchanged over the years. The production process is 100% ecologic and eco-sustainable

A TILE DESIRE installation becomes the centre stage of any space and gives the overall feeling of ageless beauty and authenticity with the tiles, each with its own different character and slight variations in colour.

Our tiles are handmade to order and give you all the possibilities to create your own bespoke designs.



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